time of the wolf



Performer – The Philharmonia Orchestra Rudyard Kipling is the author of this classic adventure set in the jungles of India. The score is rich with themes for each of the animal characters as well as the goodies and baddies. The "Law of the Jungle" theme is noble and classically imposing with a definite flavor of the Indian subcontinent. The Lost City is full of mystery and foreboding, while Mowgli’s theme is full of inquisitive excitement. Baloo, the bear, Timo, the monkey, Kaa, the python, and Shere Khan, the tiger all have their own distinctive themes. Starring : Burt Reynolds, Marthe Keller

风格 pop
Alias time of the wolf
Extra time of the wolf
Name time of the wolf
发行时间 2004-01-01
名称 time of the wolf
唱片公司 jos records
歌手 john scott

Time Of The Wolf (An Original Film Score)

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