in the early days of march 1991, a number of ships laden with people made their appearance on italy's adriatic shores, marking what would later be known as the 'albanian exodus'. who were the people on the ships? where were they fleeing from? and where are they today. this is the story of a journey, the story of the ships and of the people who fled on them.

上映地区 意大利
上映时间 2013-03-05
中文名 anija
原始名称 Anija (La nave)
名称 anija
外文名 anija
子类型 纪录片
导演 roland sejko
年份 2013
片长 83分钟
类别 电影
精选上位词 电影
英文名 anija
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  • 阿尔巴尼亚
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